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As you can see, the site menu is gone. To be honest, it looked ugly. The news feed is wider(whole page width).
The community is mostly based on the forum, that needs to change a bit.
We will try to give life to the main page(news) and the blog. We are looking for some bloggers that will 'feed' the community with interesting information. If you are up for the job, comment here.

If you have any ideas for the main page or the blog, please let us know in the comments.
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Our fun server does not use the same funds as our WarCraft: Source server.
The fun server is held by WriteX and is in need of donations!

Please donate if you can to keep the server alive.

(Click on the image to donate)
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It seems the old donating system was a bit over-complicated, so we've put up a new and easier way to donate and purchase stuff!

The N-STORE will make your donating a lot easier. With a few clicks, you'll gain information about everything you can get if you donate.

To access the store, click on the small N-STORE logo on the right side of the site.

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